Getting a Medical Card in Tahlequah, OK

The marijuana laws in the state of Oklahoma require people to show a medical card before they can purchase at a marijuana dispensary. Learn information about Tahlequah, OK here.

It’s So Easy

Getting a medical card in the state of Oklahoma is very easy to do.  The first step is getting a doctor’s recommendation.  This is the easiest part of all.  There are numerous websites where you can see a doctor without even getting up from your computer.  For about $100, the person participates in a video call with the doctor.  For an additional $25, the doctor’s office will even fill out the application for you and submit the paperwork directly. Discover facts about Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Tahlequah, OK.


When the law was first passed, many medical marijuana dispensaries had a doctor on staff right there inside the dispensary.  Oklahoma soon made that illegal.  Dispensaries today conduct patient drives off-site with doctors set up to give patient recommendations.  There are stories that one dispensary even brought in a doctor to sit in a bus in the parking lot and help people get their medical cards.

The medical card lasts two years in Oklahoma.  People are supposed to follow up with their doctor after using marijuana for a certain amount of time, but that rarely happens.