Get Quality Medical Marijuana in Ada, OK

Are You Looking For Quality Cannabis Products? Here Is A Dispensary You Should Consider Visiting

Quality is one of the most important things to look into when buying medical marijuana. Quality products provide you with the medicinal effects you need to start feeling and living better. Most of the cannabis products in the market are counterfeit. They have not been tested for contaminants and, therefore, can pose health risks. For the highest-quality medical-grade cannabis, Lotus Gold Cannabis Co. are the guys for you. We have been voted the best medical dispensary in Ada, OK. Information can be found here.

Our People

Lotus Gold Co. is made up of a team of knowledgeable and friendly faces. They are passionate about your well-being. When you visit our dispensary, we start by first learning your needs. We then connect you to the products best suited for your needs.  See here for information about Oakland’s Leading Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Our goals

We are committed to providing our patients with a variety of medical marijuana products. Other than that, it is also our goal to educate the community of the tremendous medicinal uses of cannabis and break the social stigma tied to its use. 

Whatever you are looking to get of your medical marijuana experience, we can make it happen.