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Lotus Gold Reviews How We're Tending to Our Buds

Marijuana might change how the body processes them, possibly increasing the risk of bleeding.

It would depend upon the type of product.  The one rule that is true across the board is to go low & slow.  Our recommended first dose for:
-tincture is 1/4 dropper 2x a day for 2weeks, then progressing a 1/4 of the dropper more at a time.
-edibles is 5mg and ride that dose out, do not layer your first time.
-flower is .25g or about one bowl.
-drinkables is 30mL or about a shot.
-concentrate is dip and sip, “a little dab will do ya”.
-vapables is low and slow, smaller puffs until you feel comfortable.
-topicals is about 2 – 4mg or dime size amount of pain cream for example.

CBD only.  Even broad spectrum products will result in false positives.

Inhalables are fast-acting and only take 10-20minutes to feel the effects, edibles can take between 30minutes to 2hours, drinkables take a little less time as some is immediately absorbed by the veins in the mouth, some patients see the effects kick in within 15-30minutes, sublingual tinctures will need at least 2weeks to titrate, topicals do not reach systemic circulation however their effects onset quickly.

First, a doctor recommendation is required.  In addition to your recommendation you will also need a picture of yourself with a white background to upload for OMMA to use on your med card, a government issued ID, and a debit or credit card.  We make the process very simple. To get your medical marijuana card, go to our Medical Marijuana Card page to get started.