Edmond, OK is a Museum and Historical Lovers City

For excellent museum exploits, Edmond is the city to visit. The city is a host to the best museums that you will never regret visiting. The following is information on the best museum and historical site to visit while in Edmond. Further facts about Edmond, OK can be found here.

Edmond Historical Society and Museum

This top-listed museum works to preserve the history of the city and offer new ways to learn about the past. It has permanent exhibits, which include information and artifacts related to Native Americans, Pioneers, and early Edmond. The Old Edmond Armoury is a historic building housing the society and museum. For visitors seeking to learn about the history of Edmond, various photographs, documents, and artifacts are available. Information about Sensational Dining in Edmond, OK can be found here.

The Gower Cemetery

For the lovers of history, the Gower Cemetery is a place of interest. The cemetery is located east of Edmond. It is the final resting place for an estimated 200 individuals. The spot is famous for sheltering African Americans during Oklahoma’s 1889 Land Run. The cemetery allows you to learn more about the various events that took place in Edmond and the various pioneers who are the reason such places exist. You will be able to learn about African American history on a local and national level.