The legalities of the medical marijuana industry can be extremely intricate and detailed. There can be numerous rules and regulations for both patients and physicians. Understanding the finer points of diagnosing qualifying conditions specified by your state’s medical marijuana legislation, prescribing medical marijuana or issuing approvals for medical marijuana cards is crucial. If you are a doctor who is interested in joining the process of providing patients with medical marijuana or would just like to know more, there are several definitive sources that are very helpful in educating you on the accepted standards of the medical marijuana process.

The Federation of State Medical Boards Workgroup on Marijuana and Medical Regulations issued a report that illustrates the guidelines for recommending marijuana to patients to assist with treatment. The FSMB adopted this as policy in April 2016.

In 2018, the Medical Board of California compiled a list of guidelines for the recommendation of marijuana for the purposes of medical treatment.

If you’re a doctor in Oklahoma looking for medical marijuana guidance, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has invaluable information. If you need assistance answering questions regarding physician registration and recommendations, the OMMA is your best source for medical marijuana program information.