Characteristics of an Ideal Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The minute you first step through the doors of a medical marijuana dispensary, you should have a precise idea of the experience you are about to have. From staff and atmosphere to menu selection, a cannabis dispensary can stand out from the competition in various ways. Learn more here. 

These include:


Various pieces are brought together to create an incredible ambiance in a medical marijuana dispensary. These elements should hit your senses the second you walk in the door. They include lighting, interior design, music, merchandise placement, and staff presence and attire. These elements fuse to create a mood and feel that enhances a noble experience for the consumer. Learn more about What to Expect When at The Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Broad Menu Selection

An ideal medical marijuana dispensary has a comprehensive menu that is imperative for the facility to capture the market. The dispensary has high-demand cultivars and particular brands and products in stock. When you walk into the dispensary, you will be glad to find all brands, strains, and products under one roof.

Competitive Pricing Points

A good medical marijuana dispensary will offer its products and services at a reasonable and competitive pricing point. At Lotus Gold Cannabis Co., we offer fair pricing on all our products, giving consumers reasons to continue shopping at our store.