Celebrate Oil Day with Lotus Gold

What is 7/10?

Although a relatively recent phenomenon, cannabis culture has started celebrating various types of cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts on Oil Day. If you’re not sure what the date 7/10 has to do with cannabis oil, type it into a calculator and look at it upside down.

Cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts are all products extracted from flower and processed into a concentrated form. Name your favorite THC product, and there’s a high chance that it fits into one of those three categories. Cannabis oils are typically used in vaporizing or dabbing, but they’re not for everyone. 

That’s why we’ve included a variety of treats in our Oil Day bundle, including a brand new product that you won’t find elsewhere. You can partake in the festivities, no matter your preference.

Lotus Gold Oil Day Bundle

Visit Lotus Gold any day this weekend for a chance to snag our Oil Day special. This bundle includes: 

It’s a $105 value for just $75 while supplies last. This bundle has everything you need to celebrate Oil Day right. Exclusively at Lotus Gold.

Celebrate Oil Day Every Day at Lotus Gold

You don’t need an excuse to check out our assortments of oils, extracts, and concentrates. Visit your Lotus Gold any time, and we’ll help you find a new way to experience THC or rediscover an old favorite.

Visit your nearest Lotus Gold today to learn more.

We triple test all of our products to ensure reliable quality. Please navigate to our Labs page to find out more. Lotus Gold carries a variety of all-natural, cannabis products. For more information, visit the Products page on our website. If you would like to stay up-to-date on our promotions, then consider following us on Instagram.

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