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All posts about the affects of cannabinoids in relation to the human endocannabinoid system


What Can Delta-8-THC do for you?

Delta-8-THC can play a big part in finding the right cannabis product for you. Do you know about Delta-8-THC? When deciding your cannabis care routine, it’s essential to know the science behind the flower you use. What Is Delta-8-THC? If you’re an experienced cannabis user, then you already know about THC. For the uninformed, THC …

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Cannabis Botany

Cannabis Botany

The Botany of Cannabis In terms of botany, hemp and cannabis are mostly considered the same plant. The distinction between the two is entirely a legal definition. Hemp becomes cannabis when it contains more than .3% THC. This chemical composition determines the way the growers cultivate the plant, its legal status, and its use. Both plants belong …

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Cannabis Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing remains an integral part of the cannabis business. It ensures that the cannabis products purchased by consumers stay safe. Transparent Lab testing imparts a company’s integrity to all consumers. Consumers knowing exactly that what they are buying is the most important part of the transaction. To this end, we require several kinds …

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Cannabis Terms

It is important to get caught up on the terms of any new industry. Cannabis, in a slightly unusual fashion for a new industry, already has a long history and active sub-culture. To that end, we drafted this quick and easy guide of beginner’s cannabis terms. The following list has some general use terms that …

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