Cannabis Botany

Cannabis Botany

The Botany of Cannabis

In terms of botany, hemp and cannabis are mostly considered the same plant. The distinction between the two is entirely a legal definition. Hemp becomes cannabis when it contains more than .3% THC. This chemical composition determines the way the growers cultivate the plant, its legal status, and its use. Both plants belong to the family Cannabaceae and genus Cannabis.

Botany Names

When categorizing plants, Botanists will give two names: genus and species. The genus name and the species name are not at all dissimilar to a surname and given name, respectively. The first half of the plant name, genus, signifies a significant subdivision of family or subfamily. The second half of the botanical name, species, groups similar individuals in a genus capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. For example, sativa and indica are different species of the same genus, cannabis.

Cannabis Sativa or Indica

One of the biggest myths of the cannabis plant is what the terms sativa and indica mean. We often use indica and sativa as shorthand for different desired effects, but such usage is technically incorrect. Sativa and indica describe the separate morphology of different cannabis species

Cannabis sativa plants feature tall, slender, finger-like leaves. On the other hand, cannabis indica plants’ leaves are often short, bushy, and fan-like. Since the morphology of the plant does not determine the physiological effect, predicting how a particular cannabis strain will affect you based on sight alone is a fool’s errand. We’ve covered this myth before.

Differences in Botany

Credit for the real cause of different physiological effects between cannabis strains goes to the trichomes. The trichomes house the terpenes and phytocannabinoids, which contribute to each unique blend of effects. With at least 113 known phytocannabinoids and about 200 known terpenes, a litany of combinations still await discovery. 

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