Buildings That Prove Oklahoma is an Eclectic Art of Paradise

Oklahoma is no doubt one of the beautiful and amazing places to consider when in need of a place to visit and explore in the United States.  Oklahoma has proven to be an eclectic art of paradise and there are so many places that have contributed that well-deserved title. Here are some of the Buildings that have earned Oklahoma this title.  More about Catoosa, OK can be seen here.

Scottish Rite Temple

The elaborate Neoclassical-style building lies at the end of Oklahoma Avenue in downtown Guthrie. The Scottish Rite Temple is one of the largest Masonic complexes in the world. The temple was completed in 1923. Ever since its completion, the temple has remained unchanged. One of the amazing things about the temple is that it contains a Roman-style theater and also contains seating for 3500 rooms that replicate designs from ancient Egypt. Click here to read about Statue to look out for in, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City Underground

Whenever you are in the mood to explore downtown Oklahoma City, you may likely find one of the discreet entrances to the subterranean neighborhood. The Oklahoma City’s Underground happens to be made up of a series of pedestrian tunnels and walkways that cover over 20 city blocks. It was first opened in 1974, and is filled with art and history exhibits.