Brookside Center in Tahlequah, OK

Also known as the Duncan-Dannenberg home, Brookside Center is another of the late 19th century homes built in Tahlequah.  Today it is used as a venue for gatherings for Tahlequah residents.  More can be found here.

Before the House was Built

Even before it became the site of a grand home, this property was well-known as the site of Duncan Spring.  When the Cherokee Nations chief and council members had their meetings at the Cherokee Courthouse Square, they were across the street from the spring.  People traveling to the councils would camp in the spring.  Later, when a spring house was built around the spring, it was used to keep milk and bitter cold. Learn more about How the Great Depression Helped Tahlequah, OK.

Early Owners

Built-in the carpenter gothic style, the house was built by Tahlequah attorney Augustus Ivey in 1888. His family lived there until the Dannenberg family purchased the house.  John C. Dannenberg was a deputy U.S. Marshal. The Dannenberg family lived there during the 1890s.  Finally, the home was owned by James Duncan and his family.


The City of Tahlequah bought the property in 1965.  During the 1980’s it was renovated to be used by the public.  Since its maximum occupancy is only 34 people, it can be rented for small gatherings.