Broken Arrow, OK military bases

Powerful military bases Broken Arrow, OK 

Military bases offer a sense of power in their areas, offering a staging area for logistical communications and intelligence support, depending on their size and infrastructure. The military installations also improve the state economies. Besides, the workers spend their money on local products, thus boosting the economy. Broken Arrow has military bases that enable it to provide logistical communications and intelligence support to military forces. More can be found here.

Broken Arrow’s New Armed Forces Reserve Centre 

Broken Arrow’s New Armed Forces Reserve Centre is the largest in Oklahoma, and it took approximately two years to construct with a cost of $65 million. The military base stands on 260 000 square feet with classrooms, offices, auditoriums, equipment space, and two accessible standing facilities. Broken Arrow’s New Armed Forces Reserve Centre base can house 100 full-time civilian employees, 1,100 men and women in the Oklahoma Army National Guard and Army, Navy, and Marine Reservists. The beauty in the construction of the base was done by most of the workers being from Oklahoma. The structure came as an improvement of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission’s restructuring. The restructuring brought significant improvements to the reserve center. Learn more about Broken Arrow, OK is a Festivities Hub.