Broken Arrow, OK is a Festivities Hub

Mind-blowing festivities in Broken Arrow, OK

Festivities go a long way in providing exciting experiences and uniting opportunities for community members and visitors. The festivals also showcase the area’s culture, sharing more insights on the form of living of Broken Arrow’s people. Further facts about Broken Arrow, OK can be found here.

 Some of the mind-blowing Broken Arrow festivities include:

Rooster Days 

Rooster Days is an excellent carnival with good food, games, and rides bringing families together. It is a yearly event with excellent reviews on its parking fees and the organization’s level to offer only the best experience for all who attend. Information about Broken Arrow, OK Things to do  can be found here. 

Rhema Christmas Lights 

Rhema Christmas Lights is an exciting view with many lights and light characters, creating a stunning view of the community and people who drive by. Also, some vendors sell refreshments, ensuring you are hydrated as you gaze at the beautiful site. Other foodstuffs also get sold in these events to ensure you have to bite to sustain yourself through the viewing. 

BooHaHa Parade

BooHaHa Parade is an exciting Halloween festival in Broken Arrow. Kids in the area come together with their parents to trick and treat each other. The BooHaHa Parade gets done on the Sunday before Halloween.