Introducing Smack! These gummies will not disappoint! These super flavorful gummies have 100mg of THC per gummy making for quite the experience. We’ve introduced this brand with 3 flavors. Sour watermelon for those who like a little tart with their sweets. Strawberry is another favorite that we just couldn’t leave out. Lastly, my personal favorite, the black cherry. These tart, slightly bitter sweet gummies really will remind you of standing in a cherry orchard.

Since each package contains 10 gummies you could try all 3 to ensure you have enough to last you through a 30 day month. If you do, let us know which one you like the best. We work very closely with the manufacturer of this product so your feedback could lead to new flavors, or ensuring your favorite isn’t discontinued.

The latest high potency product line that can be found at your local Lotus Gold location. Come in today and check them out!