Entourage Effect

The Right Dose For You

Whether you prefer edibles, tinctures, vape carts, or concentrates the Entourage Effect line of products has something for you. Stop in to your favorite Lotus Gold location today and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Something For Everyone

While it is impossible to make every product for every person we try our best to make a wide range of product types so we have something for everyone. From Vape Carts to Tinctures to Edibles, Entourage Effect has you covered.

Our flagship brand, Entourage effect was designed to introduce the concept of the entourage effect into Oklahoma’s medical cannabis lexicon. With products containing blends of cannabinoids and terpenes to promote symptom specific effects showcasing cannabis being used in a medicinal context.

We began with tinctures. Tinctures are not widely understood, but we at Lotus Gold have been believers in them since day one! The easiest way to provide accurate dosing that can help you throughout the entire day these sublingual oils are what we recommend anyone new to cannabis therapy start out on.

The reasons for this are many, primarily with the goal of lending a positive experience to cannabis therapy. For micro dosers, or anyone wanting to stay away from the traditional “high” you might experience from smoking flower, or dabbing, tinctures are right for you!

Don’t let that fool you. There are plenty of high dose tinctures out there that can put you in the right state of mind if your symptoms are more severe or you already have a tolerance for cannabinoids.

From tinctures, we listened to the demand of our customers and introduced our most popular product to date in our Entourage Effect brand gummies. With several formulations these too are sure to invoke the entourage effect in even the most seasoned patients. The majority contain 25mg of THC per gummy, while others contain smaller amounts of THC but offer other benefits such as vitamin C.

We have also introduced our Blue Raspberry gummies for those needing a bit of a potency boost. With 100mg of THC per gummy these won’t let you down.

These can even be cut in half to give a measured 50mg dose per half in case you are wanting to stretch them a bit. These are a bit more  expensive than our less potent gummies, but they do contain double the THC per package as those other gummies as well making them an even better deal than our already low priced 25mg varieties.

Our gummies range in price from around $15 per package to around $30 for our most potent gummies making these one of the best deals in the industry today.

We also offer our own concentrates! If you are a dabber, we definitely have not forgotten about you. In fact, we’ve partnered with some of the best extraction labs in Oklahoma to provide you with top quality, medicinal grade cannabis concentrates that are sure to impress

Tired of other house brand concentrates that use the least expensive material and subpar extraction methods? You won’t find that here! We use only top quality inputs and experienced extraction experts to produce some of the finest quality concentrates found anywhere on Earth.

These you really must try for yourself to appreciate how good they are. We always have a rotating stock so be sure to check back often so you don’t miss out on the perfect strain for your needs.

Stop by your local Lotus Gold location today to have a chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members. They will be able to point you in the right direction after understanding a bit more about your circumstances. Click this link and find the location nearest you. We’ll be glad to see you!