The Day Changers line of products were designed with 1 goal in mind, to change your day! These ultra potent products contain high levels of cannabinoids when compared to your typical gummies. Each package of Day Changers contains 2500mg of cannabinoids, 250mg in each gummy for an experience sure to get even the most seasoned cannabis consumer where they want to be. 

Most Day Changer products are true 1:1 products containing around 125mg CBD and 125mg THC per gummy for a more well rounded experience. Some even contain other rare cannabinoids like CBC and CBN for symptom specific relief. Pick some up today!

Made in house by High Guys Productions, we are able to say with confidence that these products have the advertised amount of cannabinoids and exceed OMMA standards for quality.

Each Day Changers gummy is hand weighed and measured to ensure a consistent product from batch to batch. Training our staff on the latest processes and procedures allows us to always be on the cutting edge of medical cannabis manufacture.

Come in today and try some for yourself. If you require hefty doses of cannabinoids you won’t be disappointed with Day Changers!