Best museums to visit on Bartlesville

Bartlesville is a charming town with numerous things to do. Whether you are visiting for a short or long stay, you will love everything the city offers. Based on the kind of adventure you prefer, or the things you like, there are many things to do. If you love history, then visiting one or two museums can be a great idea. More can be found here.

Bartlesville Area History Museum

Go back in time to learn about the development and growth of Bartlesville and the surrounding regions. Through artifacts and photos, you will learn about Indian Territory, the first industrial oil well in Oklahoma, and the composer of the 12th street rag. You will also learn about many people, events, and places that shaped this great settlement into the modern city it is now. Learn more about What to do in Bartlesville.

Phillips Petroleum Company Museum

You will be inspired by the whole story of Philips’s makeover from a small business to an international energy company and the incredible people behind its success.