Best Entertainment Spots In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma offers many theaters where you can have great fun. Whether you love movies or music, here are some of the top places to go. Clicking here will deliver more on Oklahoma City, OK.

Whodunit Dinner Theater

This is a comedic mystery theater with audience interaction. If performed all year round. Visitors can test their crime-solving abilities by patching together evidence and unraveling the mystery.  Information about The Most Thrilling Things To Do In Oklahoma City can be found here. 

Carpenter Square Theatre

Carpenter Square Theatre offers a performance season from September through August. It features dramas, musicals, and comedies. This is a non-profit community entertainment theatre that features all kinds of actors, and every product has an open audition. Visit their official website or call o book an upcoming show. 

Zoo Amphitheatre

Zoo Amphitheatre was the first structure constructed in Oklahoma by the civilian conservation Corps. It was built to offer economic recovery job opportunities during the great depression. It was built from native sandstone in 1935-1936 by employees who camped near the park. 

Jewel Box Theatre

This is one of the oldest community theatres in the city. It has received a governor’s art award. The season runs from August to May.