Celebrate Oil Day with Lotus Gold

What is 7/10? Although a relatively recent phenomenon, cannabis culture has started celebrating various types of cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts on Oil Day. If you’re not sure what the date 7/10 has to do with cannabis oil, type it into a calculator and look at it upside down. Cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts are all …

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Helping Local Nonprofits

Lotus Gold Highlights Local Nonprofits Starting earlier this month, Lotus Gold became a proud patron of WellSpring Cleaning Company. WellSpring Cleaning Company is a nonprofit ministry. Their mission focuses on ending underemployment for single mothers. Once we learned about them, we knew we wanted to highlight more nonprofits. Their impeccable service and inspiring mission improve the …

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Introducing the Mallow Bar

The Lotus Gold Mallow Bar This week, we’re featuring our THC Mallow Bar. A delicious THC edible, it is fruit-flavored cereal, butter, marshmallow, and high-grade THC distillate all compacted into a crunchy delight. The correct way to eat the Lotus Gold Mallow Bar is savoring every bite; it shows us the endless possibilities of how …

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What Can Delta-8-THC do for you?

Delta-8-THC can play a big part in finding the right cannabis product for you. Do you know about Delta-8-THC? When deciding your cannabis care routine, it’s essential to know the science behind the flower you use. What Is Delta-8-THC? If you’re an experienced cannabis user, then you already know about THC. For the uninformed, THC …

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Mother’s Day Box

Six Items for One Low Price We are excited to introduce the Lotus Gold Mother’s Day Box. We have all your favorite treats at one low price, but they are only for people who don’t forget Mother’s Day. Well, they’re actually for everyone with a medical marijuana license, but we implore you to not forget Mother’s …

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Waiting for Table

The Waiting for Table Initiative Lotus Gold is proud to announce our Waiting for Table initiative. Throughout the week of 4/20/2020, our executives visited a number of Oklahoma’s favorite restaurants to give each of the furloughed workers a $50 grocery store gift card. We went to Fassler Hall, James E. McNellie’s Public House, JJ’s Alley, Red PrimeSteak, The Jones Assembly, Vito’s …

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Civic Sesh April Donations

Donations to Those Most Vulnerable At Lotus Gold, we would like to announce that we are using a portion of our April proceeds as donations. Oklahoma City is where we began as a company, and we have since opened 50 locations across the state. We are proud of being Oklahomans because Oklahomans work together in …

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