Art Shows in Catoosa, Oklahoma

Tons of art shows take place in Catoosa but the emphasis will be made on The Catoosa Art Show & Cultural Festival. This is one of the Art shows and festivals a lot of people from within Oklahoma and other parts of the United State look out for. This art show and festival is a steady reminder of the rich culture of Catoosa. The Catoosa Art Show & Cultural Festival is a two-day celebration of culture, art, and the beautiful history of Catoosa. The name Catoosa is gotten from the Cherokee language and it means “unto the hills.” The art show is usually a very large indoor and outdoor affair that consists of lots of internationally recognized native artists. It is popularly said that Catoosa is the gateway to the Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee Nation happens to be one of the largest Native American tribes in the United State. More can be found here.

This festival includes numerous displays of food in food trucks, music from amazing live bands, fun games like Kite flying, and tours of historic sites located in the Cherokee Nation. It will also involve taking a tour around the tourist sites on Route 66, including the popular Blue Whale, the Catoosa Historical Society Museum. Learn more about Catoosa’s Points Interest.