Arenas & Stadiums in Norman, OK

A Sporting City

If you are visiting Norman as a sports fan, there are a few places that you just have to stop by while in the city. even though Norman only hosts college basketball and football, the atmosphere during these games is something like no other. You wouldn’t be able to tell if it was just a college game or an NFL match because the fans always turn up in droves and cheer their teams on. Here are some of the stadiums you can stop by while in Norman. Learn information about Norman, OK.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Having been the Home ground of the Oklahoma Sooners since 1923 to date, the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is one that is well cherished by the locals. Whenever the Sooners are playing, you will always get an electric atmosphere that is almost similar to that one of an NFL game, including tailgating and pre-game festivities at Campus Corner. Discover facts about Arcades You Can Try Out While in Norman, OK.

Lloyd Noble Center

Another college games arena, only this time for basketball, the Lloyd Noble Center always attracts and unites all sports fans in Norman. It’s always a fun place to be at especially with friends. They also host live concerts, so if you are not into sports and prefer music, this is still the place for you.