Another Way to Use Marijuana in Tahlequah, OK

Most people are familiar with the typical marijuana user who smokes a joint.  But smoking is not the only way that people can use marijuana. More can be found here.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

At a dispensary, customers will find more than raw cannabis.   They will be able to buy several different  items called “edibles.”  Learn more about Marijuana Dispensary Regulations in Tahlequah, OK.


Marijuana has come a long way from when your teenage sister started baking marijuana into brownies. 

Edible marijuana affects users in different ways.  Since people are eating something they enjoy eating, like a piece of candy, they may eat too much marijuana in the process. 

By definition, edibles are food products that have had THC infused into them in one way or another.  

As when you buy raw marijuana, the edibles also come with the different strains infused into them. Sativa is the strain that most people use to experience a high.  It’s an energetic feeling.  If the edibles are infused with Indica, people say they feel more relaxed.  


More and more manufacturers of edibles are including dosing information and instructions on their products.  Besides brownies and other baked goods, you can try gummies and chocolate bars.  Most states recommend a 10mg dose to start and see how that affects you.