Another Way to Use Cannabis in Tahlequah, OK

Most people are familiar with smoking cannabis in the form of a joint, blunt or even in a bong or pipe.  But smoking is not the only way that people can use cannabis. More can be found here.

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At Lotus Gold, customers will find more than just buds.   They will be able to explore several different methods of consumption.  Learn more about Marijuana Dispensary Regulations in Tahlequah, OK.


The first method of consumption for most looking to avoid smoke inhalation is by use of edibles. As the name suggests edibles are food items that have been infused with cannabinoids.

Edibles take longer to affect the consumer than smoking, primarily because of the digestion process which includes filtering through the liver. There are various forms of edibles from chocolate bars, to gummies, to granola with new forms of edibles being invented regularly.

There are different ways to infuse cannabis into food, though the most common method is to infuse a fat, like coconut oil, olive oil or butter. This works because the cannabinoids themselves are fat soluble meaning that once introduced to a source of fat the cannabinoids will bond to the fat cells. As with all things that are soluble, the fat/cannabinoid mixture will naturally attempt to reach an equilibrium allowing for consistent cannabinoid content throughout the mixture.. Thus allows for accurate measured doses to be achieved.


Dosing with edibles can vary widely depending on several factors. These include general health, and nutrition of the person using the edible. Physical fitness can also play a role due to cannabinoids wanting to bond themselves to fat. There have also been studies conducted that point to the possibility that females and males metabolize cannabinoids differently making females on average need more cannabinoids to produce the desired effect.

THC metabolizes into 11-hydroxy-thc within the body. This form of THC is much more psychoactive than the delta 9 thc we get from smoking. For this reason a generally accepted dosage recommendation is to begin with 10mg of THC and move up from there until the desired effect is reached. For those wanting to avoid any psychoactive effects, micro dosing or starting with around 2.5mg of THC  is recommended. It is also important to ensure your edibles come from a well established producer with a proven track record of good manufacturing processes. This is why Lotus Gold is a good place to begin your cannabis journey. We have built positive relationships with some of the most solid manufacturers in the industry and thus taken the guess work out of finding quality products.


Another method of consumption worth exploring is known as dabbing. Dabbing provides an instant, super potent way of consumption. Specifically a form of consuming cannabis concentrates this method is recommended for those with severe symptoms or a preexisting tolerance to cannabinoids. There are several ways to dab. The general premise is that cannabis concentrates vaporize at around 550 degrees F. Some require more heat than this depending on the consistency of the concentrate as well as the apparatus used to dab. You will apply heat to the surface of an object, such as a banger or titanium nail (more on these below) and once the desired temperature is reached you will touch cannabis concentrate to that heated surface and inhale the vapor it produces.

The most common apparatus is known as a dab rig. This refers to a special type of waterpipe that can use attachments such as bangers or titanium nails. A banger is a piece of glass that has been shaped like a dish. That dish is what you will bring to the desired dab temperature. The other end will be connected to the dab rig, which is essentially a bong allowing for the vapor to be inhaled from the banger. A titanium nail is similar. It fits on the dab rig and is heated, but to collect the vapor most will have a glass globe that needs to be placed on the nail once it is heated, otherwise the vapor produced will flash out into the room instead of being inhaled into your lungs. They also make domeless nails that are shaped in such a way as to collect the vapor without the need for a dome.

The last method I will go over that involves a dab rig is called an e-nail. An e-nail, or electronic nail is a name given to a coil that is plugged into a box that can be used to regulate temperature. The coil is then placed around the outside of a banger, or titanium nail. This allows for you to heat up the banger or nail to a very accurate temperature and keep it there. The only other real option is to use a propane or butane torch and guess if you have the correct temperature. This is bad for a multitude of reasons from scorching your lungs from excess heat, to wasting cannabis concentrates because they were added to the banger when it was too cold to cause vaporization. The downside to an enail is that, while in use and for around 20 minutes afterwards you have a hot coil to deal with that can be up to 1000 degrees (most e-nails go up that high but we would never recommend actually dabbing at that temperature). Most times the coil is loosely fitted around the banger, so a slight nudge at the wrong time could lead to a burn hole in your carpet, or worse.

For these reasons I recommend looking into other, safer options. There are numerous options out there for battery powered electronic dabbing apparatuses. There are electric nectar collectors that you dip directly into your concentrates like the Terp Pen from Boundless Technologies, or the Hunni Badger, these are far safer than using a traditional dab rig, though you must keep in mind they too have parts that get hot enough to vaporize cannabis concentrates, so caution should always be used. The up sides to these are that they usually come with a cover to minimize possible exposure to the heating element when not in use. They also often have quick heat up times and are portable, allowing greater flexibility in your dabbing experience.

There are also models such as the Puffco Peak or the GPen Roam that are closer to a traditional dab rig experience due to the way the concentrate is placed inside the units atomizer, then inhaled. These are ultimately the safest way to dab. Once you add concentrates to the atomizer you will cover it with a carb cap, which improves airflow and thus improves vapor quality.


Cannabis concentrate dosing is a subjective thing. Since cannabis concentrates contain such a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes a little goes a long way. I recommend starting with a piece no larger than half a grain of rice. From there you can move up or down depending on the desired result. After several years of dabbing, they still affect me much the same as they always have, meaning my preferred dose doesn’t really change unless the concentrate I am using is of poor quality, then it may take a bit more to get me where I’d like to be. Exercise caution if you are new to dabbing. The effects can be very intense and may catch some users off guard. I’d rather your first experience dabbing be underwhelming rather than an overdose.