Amazing things to do in Bartlesville

One peculiar thing you will love about Bartlesville is its countless places to visit and have fun. This magnificent town features gardens, trails, parks, and museums. With all these things, you will surely love your stay. Besides, the locals are welcoming and polite. See more here.

Experience some retail therapy at Eastland Shopping Center

Newly remodeled, this outdoor shopping mall features more than 30 retail shops. These shops include food stores, cafes, salons, retail outlets, and gyms. The mall is easily accessible with ample parking. It offers an ideal place to explore different small businesses. See here for information about Best things to do in a Bartlesville.

Step in the cab of the antique Locomotive Number 940

Experience the wonders of locomotives of yore by checking out the refurbished trains displayed at Bartlesville depot. You will admire vintage railway cars found in this place. After extensive work and renovation, you can hop into the locomotive to have more fun. This attractive depot was built in the classic Santa Fe Southwest design. It features a visitor center where people learn everything about the role of railways and the history of the town.