Amazing Museums In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a historic city. For this reason, it features numerous museums to visit. Whether you love museums or not, you’ll find many exciting things to do  More about Oklahoma City, OK can be seen here

Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Museum Oklahoma is packed with interactive exhibits. The museum presents ever-evolving displays of science-themed topics that are designed to entertain, engage and educate. While children are the main audience, adults can also learn and explore here. Get into the tornado simulator, invent and test your creation, learn to ride a Segway, and walk a tightrope. Click here to read about The Most Beautiful Parks To Visit In Oklahoma City.

Museum of osteology 

If you think this attraction site seems strange, it’s because it is. Bones of many animals make up the exhibits at the only skeleton museum in the US. Thoughtfully presented specimens include huge mammals to small critters, from kangaroos, apes, to penguins and snakes. The majority of the specimens are in life-like postures, so you will see how the animals used to move. 

45th infantry division museum 

The 45th infantry museum is a great place to check out some serious military hardware. With everything from helicopters, to artillery cannons on display this museum is sure to evoke a feeling of amazement at the sheer scale of modern warfare. Specifically highlighting the 45th infantry division, a division of the Oklahoma National Guard from 1920 to 1968 this museum is also full of Oklahoma heritage. If you’d like to gain some insight about what our ancestors endured to get us to where we are today the 45th infantry museum should not be missed.