About the #1 Cannabis
Dispensary in OKC

Lotus Gold Dispensaries

We started Lotus Gold because we saw an unfulfilled need. The need for weed. As Oklahoma charged ahead, guns blazing with reckless abandon (as is the cowboy’s way), and passed the least restrictive medical cannabis laws in the country, we noticed something. We noticed that somebody had to step up to the plate, do the right thing, and create the #1 cannabis dispensary in the state. Enter Lotus Gold.

We hear you, “the #1 cannabis dispensary in the nation? You must be high.” 

That’s where you’re wrong. Well, maybe we are kind of high, but you have to dream big if you want to go places. We want Lotus Gold to be a beacon of quality, reliability, and at the forefront of the weed liberation movement (name pending). We are raising the standard of excellence across the industry by educating customers and competitors alike. We may not be the #1 cannabis dispensary in the world. Still, we are helping grow the industry, communities, and the absolute most primo bud around.

Oklahoma-Owned, Oklahoma-Grown...d

Maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. It is a bit early to determine whether we are the #1 cannabis dispensary in this part of the solar system. Let us bring it back down to Earth for the moment.

Our company began in Oklahoma City only a few years ago. We started off small, but now we have 42 locations across the state. We want every community to have a Lotus Gold ready to serve.

Each locally-owned store has a hard-working member of the surrounding community at the helm. In truth, we’ve come a long way since Oklahoma legalized medical cannabis. Here are the secrets to such tremendous growth: 1) we use that beautiful Oklahoma red dirt to grow our flower* and 2) we are always tending to our buds.

*just kidding. We use hydroponics because we’re not amateurs.

Tending to Our Buds

Our tagline, Tending to Our Buds, the rallying cry for the Lotus Gold brand, announces our commitment to our communities with pride. We can only grow into the #1 cannabis dispensary in the universe with our customers’ help. Their support is the reason why we have created such an impact on the Oklahoma medical cannabis industry. We want our customers enthusiastic about our products, which we can only accomplish by listening to them, making adjustments, and growing together. 

We are an Oklahoma-grown company, and that means sticking together. Which means that we proudly stand up for our veterans, single working momsthe local food industry business, local business, and a litany of Oklahoma-based nonprofit organizations.