About the #1 Cannabis
Dispensary in OKC

Lotus Gold Dispensaries

We started Lotus Gold with one goal in mind, to help Oklahoman’s feel better by offering them a choice in their healthcare.  After the passage of SQ 788 we had a unique position as a well established CBD and wellness brand throughout Oklahoma. This allowed us the opportunity to se the standard for what a chain of medical cannabis dispensaries should be.

From the very beginning of the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma we have set ourselves apart as a patient focused group of hard working individuals that believe in what we are doing. From starting one of the first publicly available cannabis education programs in the state, to educating and training our staff members to ensure they are well equipped to handle any question that may be thrown their way. We value the opportunity to educate people about the medicinal qualities of cannabis.

Ending the stigma 1 patient at a time

Many people are skeptical about cannabis being used as a medicine. To us, this is to be expected from our nations history of demonizing cannabis and ignoring valid peer reviewed scientific findings as anecdotal.  Only recently have studies become publicly available providing evidence that cannabis does help reduce the severity of symptoms experienced by those with disorders that cause spasticity, or seizures.

As more research is conducted around the various cannabinoids and terpenes found within cannabis, many more uses are probable. From CBD’s powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, to beta-caryophyllene which possesses many of these same properties the future looks bright for cannabis as a medicine.

From the beginning of Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program we have been on the forefront of patient education, explaining concepts like the entourage effect and layered cannabis therapy to provide the absolute best experience for those choosing the medical marijuana route for addressing their healthcare concerns.

Contributing to our community

We came into this industry to help patients live a better quality of life. Our willingness to help others does not end there. We have regularly held charity fundraisers aimed at various segments of the community. Most notably, since the beginning of the Covid epidemic we have focused a large portion of our charitable efforts towards those in nonessential lines of work such as food service. Early on in the pandemic we realized that many of these people have been left unemployed, not knowing how they are going to pay for basic living expenses.

We are an Oklahoma-grown company, and that means sticking together. Which means that we proudly stand up for our veterans, single working momsthe local food industry business, local business, and a litany of Oklahoma-based nonprofit organizations. We have given out several thousands in grocery vouchers, back to school supplies,  and canned food just to name a few of our charitable efforts. As time goes on we will strive to be a continuing positive force within the communities that we operate. This is our way of making the world a better place for everyone.